Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Flow Meter MUF 612


MUF series ultrasonic Flow Meter adopts a state-of-the-art Single-board technology featuring high precision, high reliability, high performance, low price, etc. that make it the ultrasonic flow meter of choice by many customers from all over the world.

  • The sensors being clamp-on type, there's no pressure loss. The sensors are easily mounted on the surface of the pipe without interrupting the flow for installation or maintenance.
  • Advanced intelligent display, computation and printing to suit user's diversified requirements. The flow is displayed in all pertinent engineering units. It runs out of regular power (110V/220V), built-in batter or DC power.
  • Using the most advanced direct-time-measuring method, the meter offers a signal resolution of 0.2ns. In addition, advanced data processing functions ensure UFM series of high linearity.
  • Signal outputs including current signal, frequency signal, serial data, switch outputs (1 OCT and 1 relay output). All the outputs displayed on the unit can be transmitted to a PC via RS-232C for further processing or storage.


When an ultrasonic wave travels in a liquid, the flow of the liquid will cause its speed to change. When it travels in the flow direction, its speed increases and against it, decreases. By measuring the difference in travel times between both directions, one can measure the flow speed.

As shown in Chart 1, a pair of sensors is mounted upstream and downstream on the surface of the pipe. The mounting configuration can be 'Z' or 'V'. The time-difference of ultrasonic signals transmitted and received across upstream and downstream are calculated as below...
Ultrasonic Flow Meter
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