Q. Where can I use Electromagnetic Flowmeter?
The Electromagnetic Flowmeter can be used on any liquid service where the liquid to be measured has electrical conductivity above the minimum threshold level of 10mS/cm.

This covers almost all liquids such acids, alkalis, ores, dyes, inorganic liquids and process fluids, edible oils, paper pulp, white and black liquors, milk, fruit juice and pulps etc.

Hydrocarbons such as petrochemicals, alcohols, etc. are the only exceptions as they have almost negligible electrical conductivity.


Q. What is electrical conductivity and its significance?
The electrical conductivity of the liquid is a property which describes its capacity to allow the flow of electrical current through it.

The Significance:
The flowmeter is based upon Faraday’s Law of electromagnetic induction, for which a ‘conductor’ has to move in a magnetic field to generate electric voltage in it. The conductivity of the liquid in question lets one know whether or not it is a conductor and whether the flow meter would work on the subject liquid.

The Mikamachi magnetic flow meter works satisfactorily for liquids with electrical conductivity above 10mS/cm.


Q. Does a change in conductivity affect the performance of the flowmeter or a change in the accuracy?
No. The change in conductivity does not affect the performance of the flowmeter as long as it is above the minimum required threshold level.

The flowmeter output depends only upon the velocity of fluid to be measured and it does not have any parameter in its equation of function except the velocity of liquid.

Q. What is so special about Electromagnetic Flowmeter that makes it capable of handling such a wide range of fluids?
The electromagnetic flowmeter by design has no moving parts. This gives the advantage of long life, no pressure loss due to obstruction to the flow and almost nil chance of choking. This makes it the only choice for liquids with solid contents such as sewage sludge, ores, paper pulp, molasses, etc.

The wetted parts, namely liner and electrode, have a choice of chemically-compatible materials of construction. They can be selected from natural rubber to PTFE/CERAMIC/Glass for liner and from SS316 to Platinum for electrodes. The flowmeter is therefore useful for services such as concentrated acids, alkalis, paper pulp, molasses, ores, sludge, sewage effluent, etc.

Q. How do I select a suitable Electromagnetic flow meter?
Mikamachi has divided all the possible applications in four major categories viz.
Water & Waste Water (MIKAWATER99) – for raw and treated water and for effluents, manures and sewage, sludge etc., services for control or billing.
B.Process (MMF709) – for process liquids like acids, alkalis, pulp, ores, solutions, etc.
C. Sanitary (Mikasan90) – for liquids of food grade applications like milk, fruit juice, pulp, etc.
D.Insertion (MIF709) – for bulk water services in large pipelines.

A suitable type from the above shall be selected and the details of the flowmeter (such as size and compatible liner and electrode) can be selected by referring to the links from the product pages.


Q. Why Mikamachi as preferred brand of Electromagnetic Flowmeter?
Mikamachi Inc. has been in the field of electromagnetic flow measurement for the past twelve years and has developed, manufactured, and installed thousands of Electromagnetic flow meters on a wide range of services to great customer satisfaction.
Some services include:
Concentrated acids (pH 2), strong alkalis (pH 13.5), hardwood paper pulp, molasses, effluents, cow manure, fruit pulp, milk and many other process fluids.

It also has a distinction of being the manufacturer of the world’s largest flow meter of size 120”NB(3030mm). Mikamachi has hundreds of installations on water services (both raw and treated) across the length and breadth of India including in Gujarat’s prestigious Narmada Canal-based drinking water projects and also regional water supply schemes in Maharashtra.

Finally, being dedicated to the technology of electromagnetic flow meters, we have the specific expertise in the field to keep us ahead in technology and product design.

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